Orthognathic Jaw Surgery

Dr. Soleil may recommend orthognathic (jaw) surgery to correct severe orthodontic problems involving jaw size discrepancies or altered jaw development. By moving one or both jaws surgically, the teeth can be straightened without causing damage to the gums and bone. This will enhance the overall health of your teeth rather than compromising their long-term prognosis. Jaw surgery can have a positive effect on facial profile, soft tissue support, and overall facial esthetics. Jaw surgery may also be recommended to treat obstructive sleep apnea and other breathing problems.

In general, braces or Invisalign are used to straighten the teeth for approximately 1 year prior to surgery, and orthodontic treatment continues for a minimum of 6 months following surgery. If you are a candidate for jaw surgery, Dr. Soleil will refer you to an oral/maxillofacial surgeon prior to beginning orthodontics for evaluation and discussion regarding the overall treatment plan.

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