4 Worries Kids Have About Getting Teen Braces

teen braces worries woodinville orthodontist soleilTeens have a lot going on in their world. They may have their heads down and hands always on their devices, but there is still room for independent thought. They’re often worried about whether they’re feeling, acting, or doing the right things, or if there is something wrong with them. You can understand then, of course, that adding braces to the mix can make teens feel even more self-conscious and self-doubting.

If teen braces are in your child’s future, consider their worries and what you can do to help them manage their feelings.

Worry #1: I’ll look terrible.

Conventional metal braces are obvious. There is no missing those metal wires and brackets plastered to tooth enamel. Ceramic, tooth-colored braces are also an option – the hardware is still visible, but subtly, blending nicely into the teeth. Rubber bands for either of these options can be deliberately colorful, allowing your teen to add some pizzazz to their oral accessories and show off their personality.

If they’re extremely lucky, your teen might be a good candidate for the most discreet orthodontics of them all: Invisalign Teen.

Worry #2: I’ll be in pain.

Braces are doing important work all the time, whether they’re bonded to teeth or whether they take the shape of invisible aligners. Orthodontic treatment moves tooth roots and the crown of the teeth, sometimes simultaneously, and that can cause discomfort. It’s not permanent pain, though.

Every four to six weeks, your teen will see their Woodinville orthodontist for adjustments and to check on their progress. At this time, or when Invisalign Teen is switched out for other aligners, there may be pain and soreness, but it’s temporary.

Worry #3: People will make fun of me.

Adolescence isn’t easy. It is a legitimate concern that someone will make fun of your teen for their orthodontics. But, they’re just as likely to get made fun of because of their shoes, jacket, binder, or phone. You can’t save your child from every negative thing but you can make certain rites of passage easier with options like tooth-colored ceramic braces and Invisalign.

Worry #4: It will be hard to eat.

For the teens who are getting metal or ceramic braces with brackets and wires, there will be food restrictions. Nothing too crunchy or chewy is allowed or it could ruin the hardware. They will have to carefully and meticulously clean their braces and teeth to get rid of any lingering food particles.

Eating doesn’t have to be a hassle though if problem foods are eliminated entirely. Wearers of Invisalign Teen don’t have to worry about eating at all – they can have whatever they want if the aligners have been removed first.

Making Braces for Teens Easy

More now than ever before the focus is on appearance, especially for teens. Do I look good enough in that selfie? Am I wearing the right thing? And, now, a kid who is poised to get braces will worry about their teeth and smile. Help your teen feel good about their braces and themselves with the help of a supportive orthodontist.

Contact Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, Washington to schedule your consultation with orthodontist Dr. Soleil Roberts and get on the journey to teen braces.

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