4 Tips for Wearing Invisalign Teen in School

Invisalign Teen in school Soleil OrthodonticsSchool is underway. New routines have been established. Students are getting used to waking up earlier. But what about your teenager’s oral health care routine? Are they maintaining it in school? When your child wears Invisalign Teen, you want to make sure they’re doing all the right things for their teeth and braces when they’re on their own and you’re not around. Here’s how to make it happen.

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Protect Your Teen’s Braces During Fall Sports

protect teen braces sports mouthguard soleil orthodonticsSoccer. Football. Lacrosse. Field hockey. Fall sports are a thing of beauty and many families embrace this time of year for its action, camaraderie, joy, and movement. However, if you’re rooting for a pre-teen or teen athlete who wears braces, it’s essential to make sure their fall fun isn’t derailed by a blow to the mouth. Enjoying fall sports means protecting braces fully with help from your orthodontist and a customized sports mouthguard.

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Why Thumb Sucking Can Lead to Braces

thumb sucking leads to braces soleil orthodonticsBabies are so cute when they suck their thumbs. Even toddlers are sweet with their thumb in their mouth, soothing themselves to sleep without the need of a pacifier. Unfortunately, if you can’t wean your child off this habit or they don’t grow out of it in a few years it could have some undesirable consequences on their jaw growth and development that eventually require braces and other orthodontic interventions.

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6 Ways to Celebrate Your Freedom from Braces

freedom from braces invisalign soleil orthodonticsIf you’ve recently had your braces removed, or if this major milestone is coming up, don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate in a way that marks this accomplishment. Whether you have metal braces or Invisalign, saying goodbye to your orthodontic treatment is an achievement that is absolutely worth cheering for. Here are some suggestions to celebrate your freedom from braces.

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Travel and Vacation Tips for Braces Wearers

soleil orthodontics travel with bracesSummer has arrived, which means vacation, here we come! But just because you’re taking a vacay from work or school, that doesn’t mean you can take a break from your orthodontic treatment. It’s important to maintain consistent care of your braces, Invisalign, or appliances while you’re away from home. Follow these important travel tips to keep your alignment on track without missing out on any of the fun.

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Should You Let Your Teenager Get Invisalign?

Invisalign Teen Soleil Orthodontics WoodinvilleBraces have always been considered a rite of passage for many teenagers, but this accessory often impacts self-confidence, something that’s already a challenge for most teens. With the popularity of Invisalign, it’s no surprise that many adolescents who need orthodontics hope to qualify for Invisalign Teen, avoid metal brackets and wires, and slide under the radar with their orthodontic treatment. But is Invisalign right for your teenager?

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