What Happens After a Palatal Expander?

palatal expander soleil orthodontics afterwardThe palatal expander journey is brief, but it can be inconvenient for the patient at first, as is the case with most orthodontic interventions. The appliance, though, is a common treatment and used when it’s necessary to widen a child’s upper jaw and create room for crowded teeth. While every patient is different and their treatment trajectory will vary, there are typical steps that occur for most expander wearers, including what happens after wear time is complete.

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6 Reasons People Fall in Love with Invisalign

reasons to love invisalign soleil orthodonticsYou hear about Invisalign. You see the ads. You might even know someone who wears the clear aligners. The more familiar you become with this orthodontic treatment, the more you realize it might just be right for you. As you prepare for your visit to your Woodinville orthodontist for a consultation, learn about just some of the reasons people fall in love with Invisalign.

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Does Everyone Who Wears Braces Need Elastics?

rubber bands elastics braces soleil orthodonticsWhen it comes to the elements of orthodontics, there are elastics and there are rubber bands. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. Elastics often refer to the small, colorful bands that decorate each bracket. Elastics that connect top and bottom jaws are typically referred to as rubber bands. Whatever the wording, everyone needs some type of rubber bands or elastics when they have braces.

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7 Steps to Keep Your Braces Clean

keeping your braces clean soleil orthodonticsSeven steps for keeping your braces clean isn’t nearly as daunting a reality as it may sound. Braces-wearers simply have additional responsibilities when it comes to keeping their teeth and braces clean every day. Every move you make slides naturally into the next and comprise a solid routine that ensures your teeth will be white and healthy throughout your treatment and especially after the brackets come off.

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Why You Need Your Braces Tightened

braces tightened soleil orthodontics woodinville waBraces are an investment in multiple ways. Time is one of the things you will sacrifice, but the demand on your schedule won’t be as intense as you might have anticipated. Tightening only needs to be done every four to eight weeks, and every patient’s case is different. It helps to understand why you need your braces tightened – you’ll feel more agreeable about all your orthodontic visits if they have a point and a purpose.

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4 Ways Invisalign Teen Improves Your Child’s Life

Invisalign Teen good for your teen Soleil OrthodonticsIf your teen gets the diagnosis that they need braces, finding out that they qualify for Invisalign Teen can be the difference between joy and disappointment. In many cases, Invisalign can correct the same problems that conventional metal braces do, and your adolescent might be a great candidate. Invisalign Teen is life-altering, and you can set your teen up for all good things by saying “yes” to this treatment.

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Stocking Stuffers for Teens with Braces

stocking stuffers teens with braces soleil orthodonticsTeens can be difficult to buy gifts for at holiday time. Most of them don’t want toys, and their wish list is heavy on expensive technology. If your child wear braces and you’re struggling to figure out what to put in their stocking – their favorite chewy candies being off limits – consider an orthodontic theme. Here are just some stocking stuffer ideas for teens with braces.

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Be Thankful for Tools That Make Wearing Braces Easier

thankful for braces soleil orthodonticsBraces are common but the maintenance of them and the reality of living with them every day can pose challenges from time to time. The following tools make wearing braces and Invisalign much easier so the patient can maintain a clean mouth and be as comfortable as possible during their entire treatment. Dare we say, they might actually enjoy the process?

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5 Facts About Palatal Expanders

palatal expander soleil orthodonticsEveryone has heard stories about the palatal expander, if not from the patient themselves then their parents. While expanders can be uncomfortable, their time in a person’s mouth is short-lived, and the work that’s done helps make room for adult teeth. It helps to know what you’re getting into before your child receives this device so you can prepare for what interceptive orthodontics will really be like.

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