7 Tips and Reminders to Help You Get Used to Invisalign

There isn’t one timeline that tells you how long it’ll take for you to get used to Invisalign. Knowing what to expect and having some quick tips on hand to ease the journey, however, will improve the experience and help you adjust.

1. Expect to Feel Weird

Invisalign trays are smooth, thin, and do not irritate the mouth the same way that brackets and wires of conventional braces do. However, you can expect to feel a little strange having these aligners in your mouth. If you also have attachments, expect them to stick out. Just remember, it all gets easier as time goes on.

2. Eating Will Not Always Be Easy

You’ve read and you’ve been told that you can eat whatever you want while wearing Invisalign if you take the trays out first. This is true, but with a caveat – at times your teeth may feel tender from moving and you will still need to stick to softer foods to avoid further discomfort.

3. Change Trays at Night to Minimize Discomfort

You’ll experience less discomfort when you change to new trays at bedtime. You’ll sleep through the worst of the pressure that occurs when different teeth begin to move. This is also a great stepping-off point that gives you several solid hours of consistent aligner wear time.

4. Invisalign Really Isn’t That Noticeable

Invisalign trays are clear, but when you first put them on your teeth you may feel awkward and believe your treatment is obvious to others. Invisalign really isn’t all that visible, and it looks the same throughout your treatment. What does change, though, is your perception of yourself and your appearance. Invisalign will quickly become another normal part of your life and look.

5. Create a Manageable Cleaning Routine

It is incredibly important to clean Invisalign trays and teeth multiple times a day. You want everything to stay clean and clear to ensure that you avoid tooth decay as well as stained or smelly trays. Figure out when you will do your deep cleaning. Have oral hygiene tools on hand wherever you go to clean teeth on the go. When teeth and trays look good, treatment will feel easy to embrace.

6. Make Your Case Your BFF

Always have your Invisalign case with you. Maybe you don’t want to carry one more thing, or you believe you can simply set your trays to the side or wrap them in a napkin during a meal, but it is far too easy to leave aligners behind or accidentally throw them away. Carry your case, use your case, rely on your case, and your treatment will never be interrupted by lost or damaged trays.

7. Rely on Your Orthodontist

There are no silly questions with Invisalign is concerned. You’ve never had this orthodontic treatment before. You might know plenty about Invisalign for adults, but living with it is another reality entirely. If you have concerns, questions, or worry that you aren’t doing something right, contact your orthodontist Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA. Get the reassurance you need all along the way.

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