Braces for Adults

Beautiful Smiles at Any Age!

While many adults prefer the Invisalign treatment option to straighten their teeth, in certain circumstances Dr. Soleil may recommend adult braces as a more efficient way to achieve the perfect smile you’re hoping for. We offer two styles of braces – traditional metal braces and clear braces (which are less noticeable).


The braces themselves will remain on your teeth for the duration of treatment, but the wires that connect the braces will be changed or adjusted at every appointment. We will see you every 6-8 weeks on average to make these adjustments. During the course of treatment, we may ask you to wear elastic rubber bands in special patterns to help move the teeth front to back.


Treatment time will vary depending on your specific treatment needs. At your initial exam, Dr. Soleil will describe the various treatment options and the time it will take to achieve your ideal result. If an orthognathic (jaw) surgery procedure is recommended, you should expect to have the braces on both before and after the procedure.