5 Good Reasons to Make Invisalign Your Resolution

invisalign resolution soleil orthodontics

Whether you like or dislike New Year’s resolutions, we all find ourselves making them occasionally, whether we voice the intention to others or not. If the state of your teeth has long been a source of distress for you, make this the year to change your smile with Invisalign. Here are just some good reasons why this clear orthodontic treatment can be the best resolution you’ve ever made.

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How Much Time Passes Between Palatal Expander and Braces?

palatal expander and braces soleil orthodontics

A palatal expander is the first step of orthodontic treatment for many young patients. This appliance allows for the alteration of a child’s jaw growth, so it is in the right place, comfortable, and creates enough room for erupting permanent teeth to be guided into proper alignment. After a year or two – a time during which the mouth continues to develop on its own – it will be time to talk about full braces.

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5 Unexpected Reasons to Be Thankful for Invisalign

reasons to be thankful for invisalign soleil orthodontics

Anyone who has ever had Invisalign treatment knows the many benefits of this orthodontia, from the discreet aligners to the minimal restrictions. People who are on the fence about investing in clear aligners, however, sometimes take convincing. Here are some of the many reasons to be thankful for Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen.

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If Vampires Wore Braces: Correcting High Canine Teeth

Not all vampires have fangs. According to folklore and modern novelizations there are plenty who don’t. If we’re talking good old Dracula though, sharp, long, pointy canine teeth are the norm. What if your own canine teeth are the opposite? What if they are high in your mouth and not at all where “vampire” teeth are supposed to be? Enter braces, a solution for mortals who want a symmetrical smile.

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How to Adjust to a Retainer After Braces

Everyone who has braces will have a retainer. No exceptions. No returns. No negotiations. Retainers are a must-have after any type of orthodontic treatment. They keep newly aligned teeth in place so those months and years of hard work aren’t for nothing. Adjusting to a retainer, though, isn’t easy for every orthodontic patient. Get the scoop on how to cope when you reach this milestone.

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5 Surprising Things People Notice When Braces Come Off

braces come off soleil orthodontics woodinville

Every teen with braces keeps their eye on the prize – braces-free teeth forever once this journey is over. However, you have had brackets and wires for so long you’ll forget what it feels like to not wear braces. Just like the adjustment period you had when all that metal first went on your teeth, it could take a few weeks to adjust to life without all that extra stuff in your mouth. There are some things that happen when the braces come off that might be unexpected. Not bad, just… aftereffects that never crossed your mind. We’re sure you can handle it.

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5 Reasons Invisalign Teen Boosts Self-Esteem

Invisalign Teen self-esteem Soleil Orthodontics

Parents and kids approach orthodontics in different ways, with the former considering the big picture and the latter experiencing the overall daily angst of wearing braces. Orthodontics make a huge impact on teenage self-esteem, and investing in the nearly invisible Invisalign Teen can help tweens and teens embrace their braces journey and feel good about themselves from start to finish.

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Can You Get Braces Off Sooner Than Expected?

get braces off sooner soleil orthodontics

Your orthodontist always provides a window of time indicating how long they expect your orthodontic treatment to last – and they’re usually right about it. Some patients are pleasantly surprised to discover, though, that their estimated treatment is suddenly shortened by several months. How does this happen? And how can it be a reality for you or your child? Here are some of the factors that affect how long braces stay on teeth – and what might get braces off sooner than expected.

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4 Ways to Avoid Cavities While Wearing Braces

Cavities are a headache no matter when or where they occur. If you are wearing braces and develop tooth decay, tending to this problem becomes a little more complex but not unfixable. Here are some facts about cavities and braces to keep in mind whether you are preparing for orthodontic treatment or right in the middle of it.

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