There Are No Stupid Invisalign Questions

No orthodontist expects patients to be 100% knowledgeable about Invisalign – that’s what they’re there for after all. However, there is plenty of conflicting information online, and even from former or current Invisalign patients, that can make you confused about the treatment and its benefits. Get the scoop from the expert and never think of your Invisalign questions as stupid. The only silly thing is not asking your questions at all.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Sometimes. Like all orthodontic treatment, adjustments or new trays bring with them a little bit of pressure as new parts of your mouth are shifted into new positions. To avoid as much discomfort as possible, switch to new Invisalign trays at bedtime so you’ll feel the pressure the least, and stick to soft foods when your teeth and gums are feeling especially tender.

What’s the difference between “trays” and “aligners”?

The words “trays” and “aligners” are terms used interchangeably to describe the appliances that are worn on your teeth throughout your Invisalign treatment. Both are correct. Be sure not to confuse these with attachments, which are small composite shapes attached to tooth enamel to help the trays fit more snugly.

Do I really have to wear the trays all day?

Pretty much. Conventional braces wearers have their brackets and wires on their teeth 24/7. Consider yourself lucky as an Invisalign wearer to be able to remove the trays when you want to for meals and cleaning your teeth. The only catch – the aligners must be on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours a day, no less. Keep track of the time they’re out of your mouth to keep your treatment on track.

Will I need to use dental wax with Invisalign?

No, you don’t need dental wax. That product is intended for wearers of metal braces who have potentially pokey wires and brackets irritating the gum tissue. Invisalign is smooth and slim and should not bother your mouth in any way.

Can I throw away aligners once I move on to the next set?

It’s a good idea to hang onto your aligners. You never know what might happen with your alignment – you may lose a current tray and find yourself needing to revert to previous trays so treatment isn’t completely interrupted. Ask for your orthodontist’s recommendations where finished trays are concerned.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

Yep, anyone who undergoes orthodontic treatment needs a retainer when they’re done. You will be advised to wear this regularly – sometimes for the entire day as you get used to life without Invisalign and eventually only at night, which is convenient and easy. Retainers are your insurance policy that keeps your newly adjusted teeth in their proper positions where they belong.

Whether you are interested in Invisalign for adults or Invisalign Teen, ask all the Invisalign questions you have so you know what to expect going into your consultation and potentially your treatment. Contact your orthodontist Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to get the scoop and educate yourself on straightening your smile into a thing of serious beauty.

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