Take Pride in Your Braces

While orthodontic treatment may seem daunting at first, most patients get used to their braces quickly. The appointment when brackets are secured to teeth and initial archwires are put in place is the lengthiest visit you will have – and this visit also starts your relationship with your developing smile and orthodontic team. You’ll be proud of your braces before you know it, for many reasons.

Be Proud to Create a Healthy Smile

No matter what kind of braces you’re sporting, be proud to have this hardware on your teeth. You are fortunate enough to be undergoing orthodontic care and working toward a strong, healthy, aligned smile. Not only do straight teeth make people look better, they also make teeth easier to clean. When flossing is straightforward and brushing is simple and you maintain a routine, teeth will stay free from decay and infection.

Plus, people who wear braces are often less likely to develop jaw and alignment problems like teeth grinding and clenching and issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). You are far less likely to have gum recession, cracked or chipped teeth, worn enamel, and other dental complications.

Colorize Your Smile at Every Checkup

Patients who wear metal or clear braces need elastics to connect archwires to their brackets. The elastics come in a rainbow of colors. Being able to mix up your look every six to eight weeks at every checkup is something most braces-wearers look forward to. Here are just some of the color themes people select:

  • School spirit: Choose your school’s colors and alternate every other tooth, or one color on the top arch and one color on the bottom.
  • Favorite team: Show team spirit by sporting your favorite pro team’s colors during their season.
  • Pride: Support Pride or show you’re an ally of LGBTQ community with a rainbow of colors across your teeth. Or select the LGBTQ flag colors that represent you best.
  • Holidays: The rubber band colors on your teeth can represent your favorite times of year, from Halloween to the winter holidays to Independence Day.
  • Personal: Maybe you have a signature color and want that one color only for the duration of treatment. Orthodontic assistants are used to colorful requests. You can shape your braces the way you want.

Feel Good About Invisalign Treatment

If you are in the delightful group of patients who wear Invisalign or Invisalign Teen, you can still show your pride in your braces, even if you don’t have colorful rubber bands to make your feelings transparent. Invest in multiple cases of all colors to store in convenient places so you always have somewhere to stash your trays when they’re out of your mouth (and you can still have fun with accessories).

There is a built-in level of pride with Invisalign, a treatment that is nearly invisible and often works in half the time of conventional braces. You’ll be incredibly proud of your developing smile when you see how fast its shape changes and moves into alignment.

No matter what kind of braces you want, contact your orthodontist Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to learn more.

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