5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Braces

thankful for braces soleil orthodontics woodinvilleAsk a tween or teen about braces and they usually fall into one of two camps: They’re excited and can’t wait for this rite of passage, or they are completely dreading the entire experience. Ask a grown-up about braces and most can’t fathom adulting with brackets on their teeth, but perk up when given alternatives, like Invisalign. In an ideal world, every orthodontic patient falls into the “that wasn’t so bad and I’m glad I did it” category by the end of their treatment – they might even, gasp, be thankful for their braces.

1. Kids can get a head start.

Braces for kids are an excellent opportunity to get an early start on developing and maintaining strong oral health. If children show signs of misalignment or have harmful habits like thumb-sucking, interceptive orthodontics can often minimize the length and intensity of braces that will be needed later.

This limited treatment addresses alignment issues when your child’s jaw is still very pliable and allows your orthodontist to guide growth and movement to accommodate erupting teeth. Kids may be given an expander, upper braces, a space maintainer, or tongue crib.

2. Teens can avoid metal mouth.

The sting of having to wear braces for teens is often dulled by the knowledge that they won’t be such an obvious brace-face. Ceramic braces are tooth-colored and blend into your teeth so they’re far less noticeable than conventional metal braces. Some adolescents are good candidate for Invisalign Teen – their braces will be so hard to notice they won’t even have to tell anyone they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Teens have options when it comes to braces – and that’s a good thing. They’re motivated to keep their braces and aligners clean and clear and working properly. And, simply enough, they’re thankful they haven’t been made that much more self-conscious because of their orthodontics.

3. Adults can get the straight teeth they’ve always wanted.

Adults who want straight teeth may feel like their options are limited to serious cosmetic dentistry, but that’s not the case. Invisalign was designed with adults in mind – the folks who didn’t have braces as a teen, who didn’t wear their retainer after getting their braces off, or who need to improve their bite to eliminate problems with their TMJ, teeth grinding, and more.

Invisalign is the discreet way to get a straight smile. But if you’re not a candidate for Invisalign, don’t despair – clear or ceramic braces get the job done subtly too.

4. Braces make your teeth healthier.

Straight teeth are easier to clean – it’s that simple. And when your teeth are easier to brush and floss – and you develop and stick to a good oral health routine – you’re less likely to develop cavities or infections. Oral health problems like worn enamel, gum recession, and side effects of grinding and clenching your teeth are also eliminated when teeth are shifted into alignment.

5. You get a straight, gorgeous smile, of course!

Whether you’re on an orthodontic journey for straighter or healthier teeth, you’ll end your adventure with both, and that’s something you’ll be thankful for – forever.

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