6 Reasons People Fall in Love with Invisalign

reasons to love invisalign soleil orthodonticsYou hear about Invisalign. You see the ads. You might even know someone who wears the clear aligners. The more familiar you become with this orthodontic treatment, the more you realize it might just be right for you. As you prepare for your visit to your Woodinville orthodontist for a consultation, learn about just some of the reasons people fall in love with Invisalign.

1. No Professional Interruptions

Many adults assume braces are off the table for them and there is no way to straighten their smile discreetly. Invisalign, though, was made for people who have this very concern. Your job and personal life won’t be interrupted by Invisalign – you’ll still look the same while you subtly shift your teeth into full alignment.

2. Removable Aligners

Brushing around the brackets and wires of braces can be a frustrating part of orthodontics. There is serious effort required to keep teeth clean under all that hardware. Invisalign wearers, however, remove their trays for brushing and flossing, making it easy to floss and brush normally and keep your teeth clean and free of bacteria and food particles.

3. You Might Lose a Few Pounds

No one gets orthodontics for weight loss, but it isn’t unusual for some wearers of Invisalign to lose a few pounds while undergoing treatment. You can still eat whatever you want, no food restrictions, thanks to the removable trays. However, many people prefer not to remove their aligners more than necessary, so they forgo mindless snacking or calorie-heavy beverages throughout their treatment.

4. Life Is Easier for Your Teen

Parents want their kids to have the easiest, most effective path to a straight, healthy smile. Invisalign Teen offers the opportunity to avoid metal brackets and wires and wear clear trays that hardly draw attention to themselves. Living with this treatment makes life easier for any qualified teenager who is concerned about how braces could affect their appearance, speech, and eating habits.

5. Your Confidence Will Rise

If you have long been self-conscious about your crooked or gapped teeth, you’ll find yourself getting a major confidence boost from wearing Invisalign. The effects of this treatment are visible within weeks, your smile improving day by day. You’ll feel better about yourself every time you smile, take a selfie, or have a conversation.

6. You’ll Be Comfortable

Whatever type of orthodontics you invest in to move your teeth, you will experience some pressure and discomfort from time to time, particularly when you switch to a new set of trays. However, when comparing Invisalign with braces, the comfort differences are significant – no irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth from brackets and poking wires. Invisalign is smooth, comfortable, and doesn’t interrupt the normal workings of your mouth.

Find out if Invisalign is in your future. Schedule an orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Soleil and her team at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA.

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