7 Halloween Costume Ideas If You Wear Braces

halloween costumes for braces clueless soleil orthodonticsIt’s easy to think that special occasions can be ruined by braces, but your Halloween costume can be elevated to the next level if you make your orthodontics a featured part of your get-up. Consider these characters and celebs from TV and movies who make braces look cool for a super-fun, unforgettable ensemble on October 31.

1. Murray Duvall, Clueless

There is much to love about Murray’s character in the ‘90s classic movie Clueless. Most notably, his very noticeable braces. Get your hands on an oversize shirt, saggy jeans, gold chains, and a sweet beret or backwards ball cap and you’ve got yourself a finished costume. Even better if you have a Dionne or Cher to go trick-or-treating alongside you.

2. Mike Wazowski, Monsters University

Try on a Mike Wazowski onesie or all-neon-green clothing with one great eyeball and you’ll have yourself a great Monsters University character costume. When he’s in college, Mike is finished with his braces, but he does rock a retainer. So if you’re at the orthodontic appliance stage of treatment, this could be the best way to smile all night in character without being self-conscious about your wires.

3. Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty

Most orthodontists take exception to Betty Suarez being called ugly in her show of the same name. Those braces are beautiful! But this quirky character has a great sense of self and she is consistent in every episode, with those notable red glasses, cardigans, and all the hardware on her teeth. It won’t be hard to put together this costume – bonus points if you wear a poncho.

4. Sid Phillips, Toy Story

Young dudes can create the easiest Halloween costume ever when they channel Sid Phillips, the destructive next-door neighbor to all the toys. He’s got a buzz cut, a black t-shirt with a skull on it, blue jeans, sneakers – and a mouthful of conventional metal braces. Take this costume to the next level by carrying around a Buzz Lightyear or Woody toy.

5. Darla Sherman, Finding Nemo

If your child has interceptive orthodontics and wants to really represent their early braces, Darla from Finding Nemo is great costume inspiration. With her bright red pigtails, vibrant purple sweater, and incredibly loud manner, Darla is the most annoying kid in the world – and terrifying to Nemo and his friends. But she’s so exaggerated a character she makes for great Halloween fodder.

6. Josie Geller, Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore takes nerdy to the next level in the high school version of her character Josie Geller. Rock those braces proudly as a backpack-toting, turtleneck-wearing, awkward teen. Or scour the consignment shops for a shiny pink puffy prom dress. Side ponytail and braces complete the look. Skip the egg on your face though. No one deserves that.

7. Gwen Stefani, circa 1990s

There is one celebrity who made braces the focal point of her look for a short time – Gwen Stefani. During her stint in the band No Doubt, Stefani proudly showed off her metal mouth with big smiles, accessorizing it with hot pink hair and her signature red lip. This is an easy ensemble to pull together. Get some funky clothes, maybe a boa, a can’t-miss wig, and, of course, your awesome braces.

Braces aren’t all bad! Your orthodontist will help you have fun with this rite of passage. And, hey, you may be able to avoid brace-face entirely if you qualify for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen. Learn what your options are from Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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