Braces for Kids: 3 Reasons an Orthodontic Evaluation Is So Important

braces for kids soleil orthodontics early orthodontic treatmentDentists typically recommend an orthodontic evaluation for children by age 7 or 8. This is a best practice for every child and parent, but if your dentist firmly encourages you to seek an orthodontic opinion, listen to them. They’ve seen something that isn’t quite right and could benefit from customized braces for kids.

1. Treat Hidden Problems

Your child may have what seem like nicely aligned baby teeth. Maybe the adult teeth that have erupted so far look properly positioned too. What you don’t know, though, is what things look like under the surface of the gums. There may be gaps that seem to create plenty of room for adult teeth, but after digital x-rays the picture is much clearer – and may show a completely different reality than what you thought.

Some children, especially those who seem to be taking too long to lose their baby teeth, may have crowding going on under the gumline. Things may look great where teeth have erupted or been lost but, underneath, teeth could be crowded on top of each other and are in no position to make their way out into the light. In circumstances like this, early orthodontics help get your child on track, like an orthodontic expander which widens the palette and makes room for proper growth and eruption.

2. Reverse Bad Habits

That adorable thumb sucking from the baby days that your child still relies on at bedtime? It might be cute but it’s a big problem for their teeth and may affect their appearance, pushing their teeth out unnaturally. They are at risk for trauma when front teeth protrude, as well as difficulty biting and chewing, and the way their lips meet will impact speech.

Your child’s oral health is important, but so is their self-esteem. Even younger kids can feel self-conscious about prominent front teeth or the side effects from them. An orthodontic evaluation allows your orthodontist to determine if the problem they have from thumb sucking, pacifier use, or other habits needs to be addressed with early orthodontics or if intervention can wait until all their baby teeth have been lost and then they can be treated with braces for teens.

3. Simplify Later Orthodontic Treatment

Some parents simply know that their child will need braces. They have an obvious overbite, teeth are erupting crooked, or the parent themselves needed orthodontia as a teen and wish they’d had it earlier to correct major problems.

A timely orthodontic evaluation identifies subtle problems with jaw growth and developing permanent teeth. Should it be determined that braces for kids are necessary, don’t despair – this work prevents more serious oral health problems from developing and may even simplify treatment with braces at a later age, minimizing discomfort and costs.

Get Braces for Kids in Woodinville

Your child’s face and jaws are still growing at age 8. Take advantage of this pliability and visit Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, for a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your child.

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