Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Your Invisalign Trays Clean

keep invisalign clean woodinville wa orthodontistConventional braces are attached to the teeth and must be meticulously cleaned in and around if you want to avoid a messy mouth. Invisalign aligners are easily removed but they need just as much cleaning – if not more – to ensure that the trays actually stay clear, clean, and odor-free. Here are the dos and don’ts for keeping your Invisalign aligners clean.

Do know the consequences of not cleaning Invisalign properly.

You may be tempted to slack a little on the cleaning of your Invisalign aligners. After all, you change them out every two weeks or so – does it really matter if you scour them every day? Well, yes, it does matter, for lots of reasons.

If you don’t clean Invisalign properly:

  • The aligners will stain: That whole perk of wearing nearly invisible, clear aligners will disappear quickly if stains are permitted to build up. Once the discoloration is there, getting rid of it is nearly impossible and everyone will notice that you’re wearing braces – and that they’re gross.
  • Odors will develop: When you don’t clean something, it gets stinky, especially if it’s covered in dried saliva, food particles, and bacteria. Yuck.
  • You could get cavities: Buildup on your trays means that whatever is living in that buildup is snugly fitted against your tooth enamel – threatening tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Do clean often and clean well.

There are a few different ways to clean your Invisalign aligners. Always follow your Woodinville orthodontist’s recommendations for your unique oral health:

  • Use clear, unscented soap and scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Use the Invisalign cleaning system. Soak the aligners in the cleaning crystals daily for 15 minutes then brush and rinse before replacing them in your mouth.

Do not eat or drink with Invisalign in your mouth.

Invisalign is strong and powerful and moves your teeth and roots into new places. However, they are not meant to be in place on your teeth when you’re eating. To avoid breaking, damaging, or staining the aligners, remove them for every meal and snack, including beverages. The only thing you can ingest while Invisalign is in place is water.

Do establish routines.

Invisalign is easy to live with when you have well-established routines that you maintain throughout the day.

  • Brush your teeth when you wake up and clean your aligners too.
  • Rinse the aligners every time you remove them to avoid the buildup of saliva.
  • Brush and floss teeth after every meal and snack before putting trays back in the mouth.
  • Soak Invisalign once a day for a thorough cleaning.
  • Brush and floss teeth before bed and clean off the aligners for a fresh mouth.

Invisalign Can Work for You

Some patients are intimidated by the rules of Invisalign, but they’re simple to follow once you get used to them. The orthodontic journey is an adjustment no matter what kind of braces you get. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen from Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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