Embrace Orthodontics and Transform Your Love Life

Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth can easily get in the way of your love life. You must love yourself and feel good about yourself to present your best self to others. When teeth are the complaint, orthodontics are the solution. Let us count the ways braces can improve your chances at finding lasting love.

1. Better Dating Profile Photos

If you use an online dating platform to try to meet your match, photos are non-negotiable. It’s necessary to show the best and worst of yourself if you don’t want to gain a reputation for dishonesty. Refusing to smile with your teeth or showing them only a little will make it look like you have something to hide or that you’re sad or reserved when you’re anything but. When you wear Invisalign, you can smile wide and no one will ever see the trays on your teeth – they’ll only see teeth that look better and better with every meet-up.

2. Delicious Dinner Dates

It doesn’t matter where you eat or what you eat, you know that showing off teeth in a smile that is filled with stuck food particles will gross out your date and make you feel mortified. When your teeth are aligned, they are far less likely to suffer from the hoarding of unwanted edibles, so you can bite, chew, and smile confidently.

3. More Time for Love

Straight teeth are healthier teeth, it’s as simple as that. When all your teeth are in alignment, they are much easier to clean thoroughly, and that also means they are less likely to develop cavities, infections, or other oral health problems. Instead of being forced to schedule time in the dentist’s chair for restorations, dedicate your time to the orthodontist and get aligned teeth that lead to the best smile you’ve ever had.

4. The Guts to Pucker Up

Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone – until they opened their mouth? If so, you know how important teeth are when it comes to meeting a partner. Good teeth translate to good kisses. Crooked, gapped, and unsightly teeth can be easily fixed with conventional metal braces – get them in ceramic or tooth-colored brackets and wires so they’re even less noticeable – and your teeth will straighten out before you know it so you can pucker up as much as you want.

5. Banish Public Insecurities

If you’ve long been insecure about the state of your teeth, it’s time to do something about it. Though meeting a potential match in person is not the most common way of finding love these days, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect live for the first time. Eye contact is powerful, but there is nothing that beats the language of a beautiful, straight, confident smile. (Especially Invisalign Teen for the extra-shy adolescent demographic.)

Boost Your Love Life with Orthodontics

If you feel like you haven’t found love because you’re ashamed of your teeth, it’s time to invest in the right orthodontics for your smile. Schedule a consultation with Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to learn more.

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