Invisalign and Halloween: A Boo-tiful Combination

Invisalign Halloween Soleil OrthodonticsWhile many orthodontic patients are disappointed about having their Halloween fun interrupted by braces, the people who wear Invisalign are in for a much more relaxed time. Invisalign and Halloween are a boo-tiful combination for patients who follow the rules.

Stick to the Invisalign Plan

You may consider abandoning Invisalign on special occasions, especially one that’s all about the sweet stuff, but ignoring your daily dental routine on Halloween is a fast way to ruin the momentum of your alignment efforts. In fact, you may have to be a little more diligent about your treatment on this day to keep your aligners clean and your teeth healthy.

  • Put in the time: Invisalign must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, even on October 31. The good news: Whatever your costume, Invisalign won’t interfere with your look or your selfies. No one will notice the aligners at all.
  • Snack smart: Candy is everywhere this time of year. Whether you’re a teen in high school or an adult in an office, with Invisalign in place you must think strategically before sneaking a piece of candy. Do you have time to take out Invisalign, enjoy this piece of candy, clean your teeth and aligners, and then put Invisalign back in place? Sometimes that innocent snacking isn’t worth the effort.
  • Don’t be tempted: That chocolate bar might be small, but munching on it with Invisalign in place could break or stain your aligners, plus you’re creating an environment for sugar to set up shop snug between your tooth enamel and aligners until the next time you brush your teeth.
  • Clean up: There are plenty of distractions on Halloween and even if you are religious about your dental care every other day, this one can easily fall through the cracks. Try not to let it happen. Be sure to carefully clean and floss your teeth and cleanse your aligners at the end of the night.

Appreciate the Perks of Invisalign

Halloween candy and braces can go together, especially when you wear Invisalign. There are plenty of perks to undergoing this kind of orthodontic treatment.

  • Stick to your diet: If you are always lured in by Halloween candy and are frustrated with your lack of willpower, Invisalign can fortify your resolve. Because you don’t want to remove your aligners more than necessary, you’ll make smart choices about popping in a piece of candy just because it’s there.
  • Save your oral health: Because it’s so easy to have one Halloween candy here, another Halloween candy there, you may not register the consequences of the constant exposure to sugar that your teeth endure. With Invisalign in place, you will be more likely to eat your candy all in one sitting, usually at mealtime, which means your teeth have less exposure to sugars and acids, and what is there will be neutralized by all the saliva you have going from eating your meal.
  • Look great: Whether you dress up for Halloween or just hand out the candy, Invisalign won’t interrupt your attire. You will look great with your invisible aligners in place and your teeth will be working hard to move into order.

Invisalign is truly all treats and no tricks. Get your own treatment started. Schedule your consultation with Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, Washington.

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