Learn to Accept the Braces Timeline

braces timeline soleil orthodonticsBraces are a commitment, whether you wear traditional metal braces or Invisalign. Understanding the timeline from start to finish can help you appreciate the orthodontic treatment you undergo and stay dedicated to the process with the promise of amazing results.

Everyone’s Orthodontic Journey Is Different

Some people have a longer journey to a straight smile than others, and this will depend on several factors:

  • Your unique misalignment: Severely misaligned teeth will simply take longer to correct than a few gaps or crooked teeth.
  • The type of orthodontics you wear: If you qualify for a light version of Invisalign it will be done in only a few months instead of in a year. Wearers of metal braces should expect about a two-year commitment.
  • How compliant you are: It’s important for every orthodontic patient to wear their trays, take care of braces as instructed, and wear retainers. Compliance makes all the difference between success and failure when it comes to aligning your smile, whether you’re an adult or teen.

The Many Benefits of Braces

The thought of devoting so much time to braces can feel daunting and exhausting. It’s important to keep in mind the many amazing benefits that come from aligning your teeth:

  • A more beautiful smile: Straight teeth create a more appealing smile, it’s as simple as that. You will want to smile more because your teeth look better, and your confidence in your appearance will rise.
  • A healthier smile: Straight teeth are healthier teeth. When your teeth aren’t crooked, overlapped, or crowded, they’re easier to clean, which means less chances of food or bacteria getting stuck in nooks and crannies and causing tooth decay.
  • A painless smile: Sometimes, people suffer with the side effects of grinding their teeth or TMJ issues because of misalignment. Correcting this issue can minimize or eliminate problems with the jaw and mouth.

Every Step Matters

You will see your orthodontist often as an orthodontic patient, but every visit matters, from the very start to the very end.

  • Evaluation: The first visit with your orthodontist includes an evaluation of your bite, alignment, and spacing issues through x-rays and a bite analysis. If the determination is that braces are a good idea, you will discuss options, from clear braces to Invisalign.
  • Getting the braces: It you are not getting Invisalign, it will take time for the orthodontist to apply your braces. Teeth are prepped for bonding and a special adhesive is used to hold the braces in places and then dried with a special curing light. Then the arch wire is fed through t he braces and tightened and elastic bands are inserted.
  • Living with your braces: Every four to six weeks (or six to eight weeks for Invisalign wearers), you will return to your orthodontist’s office for a checkup and adjustment (or to collect new trays). Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical.
  • Wrapping things up: Taking off your braces is easy and your new smile will be revealed which is worth a round of applause. To maintain your results, it will be necessary to wear a retainer so teeth do not shift back to their former positions.

Your orthodontist considers a patient’s lifestyle and unique requests when recommending an orthodontic treatment. At Soleil Orthodontics, we want to make sure your treatment is a success from day one. Schedule a consultation at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to learn more about your one-of-a-kind orthodontic journey.

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