Smile Gallery

Phase 1 Braces

When this spunky patient first came to see us she had a crossbite of her front tooth that was getting worse and preventing the adult upper lateral tooth from coming in. After just 6 months of early treatment with a palatal expander and upper braces, her smile and dental development was back on track!



Maxillary Expansion

With the help of an upper palatal expander, this cooperative patient went from a full cross-bite of his back teeth to a healthy, functional bite. His pretty smile is a much appreciated side effect!



Adult Clear Braces

For years, this lovely patient tried not to show her teeth when she spoke or smiled. She underwent treatment with clear braces and is now even more elegant with straight teeth!



Anterior Crossbite Correction

This rockstar patient had an anterior cross-bite which is dangerous for the gum tissue and bone surrounding the front teeth. Luckily we were able to correct her bite with braces so now her rockstar smile matches her rockstar personality!



Orthognathic Surgery

With her new beautiful smile this patient is ready to conquer the world! To achieve this great result, Sarah underwent orthognathic surgery to bring her lower jaw forward. Sarah now has not only a perfect smile, but also a comfortable bite, balanced profile, and increased upper airway space.




Extraction Treatment

RJ had one mandibular incisor extracted due to crowding. The active treatment time was 15 months.

Functional Appliances

Alicia had severe protrusion of her upper teeth. Before conventional orthodontics, she had a MARA (mandibular anterior repositioning appliance) placed. It resulted in a dramatic improvement in dental and facial esthetics without extraction of any permanent teeth.

Herbst Appliance

Emma was treated with a Herbst appliance followed by conventional non-extraction orthodontics. The treatment time was 24 months.

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