Take Better Selfies with Straight Teeth

straight teeth for selfies braces invisalign woodinville orthodontistThere are body and face editors, apps, and filters to make you look older, younger, slimmer, more toned, and of course, give you a staggeringly good smile. You can adjust nearly anything in your selfies with your super-smart phone, but you’ll still be walking around in real life with imperfect teeth. If you want to improve your selfies permanently, it’s time to consider the braces that are right for you so you can get those coveted straight teeth.

Straighten Your Smile Discreetly

If you don’t want your braces to take center stage in your selfies but you still want straight teeth, Invisalign is the route you’ll want to explore. Invisalign can correct nearly every orthodontic issue that conventional braces address – overbites, underbites, crooked teeth, open bite, gapped teeth, and more. The incredibly thin clear aligners fit snugly to your teeth so no one will ever notice that you’re wearing them – even if they stare at your smiling selfie.

Adolescents will appreciate Invisalign Teen, as they can tend to their social media stories and photos without feeling even more self-conscious about themselves than they already do. Grown-ups will appreciate Invisalign for adults because, well, they’re grown-ups and they don’t want to be a metal mouth.

Get Subtle Braces

If you aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign, you still don’t have to worry about interrupting your selfies with metal braces. White ceramic braces are an option for almost any orthodontic patient. They blend in with your tooth enamel so the brackets and wires are as subtle as possible. Yes, people will notice your braces, but they won’t take over your face and they won’t demand all the attention in your selfies.

Lingual braces – braces attached behind the teeth – are sometimes an option but it will depend on the kind of alignment you need. Many orthodontic patients find that straightforward braces are the easiest route to take.

Take Your Followers on Your Braces Journey

If you’re the kind of social media user who likes to take your friends and followers on your life journey with you through selfies, you’ll love posting #BracesUpdates from week to week. You can show people how your smile is straightening out as you document the entire experience.

Upload those selfies to Insta and you’ll rack up the likes. Add to your story, whether you’re in the orthodontist’s chair or showing off colorful new rubber bands. Plus, it’ll be fun for you to look back on the months of hard work you’ve put in – then you won’t be so grumbly about the retainers you have to wear after your braces are long gone.

Align Your Smile and Your Selfies

Ultimately, aligning your smile is a cosmetic advantage and an oral health advantage. When your teeth are straight, they are easier to take care of, which means less chance of decay and cavities. People with TMJ problems feel their discomfort disappear when their teeth are in alignment. Plus, your teeth will look beautiful and straight – permanently, no filters needed.

Make an appointment with your Woodinville, Washington orthodontist Dr. Soleil Roberts and start your journey to straight teeth – she may even pose for a selfie with you.

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