Why It’s Great for Parents and Teens to Get Braces Together

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Orthodontics are always associated with teens, but it’s never too late for parents to find out if they too qualify for orthodontic treatment. When you want a straight smile, you should have it. It’s very likely there are braces that will deliver the treatment and results you’ve long been envisioning. Even better if you and someone you love can get braces together.

Combined Orthodontic Visits

When multiple members of a household start orthodontics around the same time – whether parent and teen or two or more siblings – your orthodontic office does their best to schedule check-ups on the same day. This effort simplifies everyone’s life and schedule since only one visit every six to eight weeks is far more desirable than separate visits every few weeks.

You’re In It Together

Know how your teen tells you that you “just don’t get it”? Well, if you’re both wearing braces and they’re in a little pain and discomfort from an adjustment, you will be too – and you will be able to empathize, 100%. They can’t argue with that when you just saw the orthodontics for a checkup too. The good news: Going through the orthodontic journey together can bring the two of you closer together.

Take Advantage of the Same Option

If you and your tween or teen are interested in invisible orthodontics, then you both have options, and you both might qualify for a version of Invisalign. Adolescents can often get Invisalign Teen, which involves the wearing of super-thin, nearly invisible trays that align their teeth a few at a time.

You too as an adult might be eligible for this discreet teeth-straightening method. You can wear your Invisalign trays to work and when you go out with friends and no one will notice. If Invisalign isn’t the right solution for either of you because of a complex misalignment, there are clear ceramic braces that are difficult to see and offer the best benefits of all types of braces.

Keep Each Other Honest

It’s so important to keep up with oral hygiene while wearing braces, and that means brushing and flossing at least twice a day (ideally more often) and soaking Invisalign trays if that’s the treatment you’re undergoing. You can keep each other accountable for the important tasks that must be done so your smile stays healthy while it’s being put into order.

Payment Perks

If you have dental insurance, or you’re planning to invest in some, having multiple people on the plan and several rounds of braces covered or at least partially covered can be to your benefit. Paying premiums for just one teen’s teeth may not be the best investment, but if parent and child are both getting braces, the perks can go up depending on the type of insurance plan you have.

It’s Fun!

Dr. Soleil and her team at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, do their very best to make braces fun. This journey is an important one, and those who have a buddy to go along for the ride with – even if it’s parent and child – it will be that much more memorable. Find out what types of braces you and your teen qualify for. Schedule a consultation.

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