4 Must-Have Tools to Clean Your Teeth and Braces on the Go

cleaning tools for braces soleil orthodonticsIt’s almost Turkey Day, and chances are you’ll be away from your typical oral health care supplies. Whether you’re traveling, at school, at work, or simply out on the town, it’s important to have the supplies you need at the ready to tend to your braces or Invisalign when you’re on the go.

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Travel toothbrushes are easy to come by. They fold up and fit in your pocket or purse for convenient away-from-home teeth cleaning. Even if you don’t have toothpaste (though toothpastes come in travel sizes and all your favorite flavors too), brushing out the food and plaque in a pinch will keep your teeth healthy.

2. Dental Floss

As a rule of thumb, many people keep dental floss on them, or at least in proximity to them, at all times. It’s really annoying to have food stuck between your teeth. It’s even worse to have food stuck between your teeth and your braces. Floss threaders are a must-have for any braces-wearer and typically come in convenient single-use packets. Flossers can get the job done in a pinch too.

3. Interproximal Brush

Wearers of conventional metal braces know the interproximal brush very well. Also known as an interdental brush or an in-betweener, this little tool is small and easy to carry with you. It does the important job of getting at food that’s stuck around your brackets, between your teeth, and between the archwire and your teeth. Some patients love this device so much for its effectiveness in cleaning in the nooks and crannies of their smile, they continue to use it even after orthodontic treatment is complete.

4. Water

Water is your friend, and it’s available everywhere. It’s good to always have a water bottle at the ready, especially if you don’t have toothbrush and toothpaste nearby, so you can swish your mouth out after eating and especially after sugary beverages. This simple effort will help eliminate tiny food particles from on and in between your teeth and minimize the decay-causing acidity in your mouth. If you can’t brush, water is better than nothing, especially before you put Invisalign trays and your teeth snugly back in contact.

Keep a Bag Packed

If you wear braces, you already know you should clean your teeth and hardware multiple times a day. It’s easy to be prepared when you’re not on your home turf, and you will feel more comfortable knowing you have all the tools at the ready when you need them.

Keep small, portable items in a dedicated bag and stash them in your desk, locker, backpack, purse, briefcase, or car. Perhaps pack multiple bags and keep them in a few different places so, depending on your activities, there will always be cleaning tools at the ready.

Your smile will be healthy and beautiful when your orthodontic treatment is complete if you are diligent about cleaning. If you feel like the tools you’re using aren’t working well, talk to your orthodontist and get recommendations for what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Ready to join the orthodontic lifestyle? Schedule a consultation or call Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to learn more.

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