6 Reasons to Be Thankful for Invisalign

thankful for invisalign soleil orthodonticsAny Invisalign patient knows there is plenty to be thankful for when it comes to this alternative to traditional braces. But just in case you’ve forgotten why it’s so great to be an Invisalign patient, here are just some of the reasons to give thanks.

1. They’re nearly invisible.

The biggest draw for most Invisalign wearers is having a method of orthodontia that is barely visible. The discreet trays are clear, slim, and fit snugly so they’re unnoticeable, which means they don’t interfere with the responsibilities of your daily life. You can give a presentation at work, socialize with friends or love interests, go to school events, you name – Invisalign goes along for the ride without stealing the spotlight.

2. You can eat whatever you want.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, any major holiday, or just a fun-filled weekend, the last thing you want is to be restricted about what you can eat. Invisalign trays must be removed for every meal and snack, so if your teeth aren’t too tender to manage the foodstuffs, you can eat whatever you want. An uninterrupted diet is something to be thankful for!

3. They don’t take very long.

The typical Invisalign treatment takes about one year to complete, give or take, depending on the complexity of your case, how well your teeth move, and how well you comply with your orthodontist’s instructions. Traditional braces take about two years. Depending on how severe or mild your misalignment is, Invisalign may only take several months from start to finish because you’re only closing a few gaps or fixing a relapsed smile that underwent orthodontic treatment in the past.

4. You’ll have a healthier smile.

Sure, the goal of any type of braces is to give you a straight, beautiful smile. But you’ll also have healthier teeth because of Invisalign too. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which means less chance of tooth decay. An aligned smile is less susceptible to TMJ problems or teeth grinding, which means a reduced chance of damaged enamel, gum recession, chips, and cracks.

5. It works for teens and adults.

Most adults think of braces as a rite of passage for teens only. And many teens think they’re destined for metal mouth. Neither belief is true. There is a right type of braces for every orthodontic patient, regardless of age, and Invisalign could be the answer for adults and teens alike. The rules are the same no matter what age you are, though the Invisalign Teen trays are designed with a few extra features like compliance indicators and placeholders for teeth that have yet to fully erupt.

6. You’ll be more confident.

Confident while wearing braces? You know it. The effects of Invisalign become noticeable after just a few weeks of wear. You’ll already be more confident about your smile – can you imagine how great you’ll feel once your treatment is complete? As long as you follow your orthodontist’s rules and take good care of your trays, Invisalign will be your best friend and deliver amazing results.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Soleil Roberts at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA.

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