4 Realities That Will Make You Fall in Love with Your Braces

fall in love with braces soleil orthodonticsMost people have a love-hate relationship with the idea of braces, and then with the reality of wearing them. Eventually, though, every patient learns to make peace with their orthodontics and comes to see the many benefits of this treatment.

1. Discreet Options Are Available

Discreet orthodontic options are always a possibility. How many people rejoice when they realize they don’t have to be an obvious metal mouth or brace face! You can get:

  • Ceramic braces: Tooth-colored braces are one of the best alternatives to conventional metal braces. These ceramic options blend right into your enamel and make themselves as unknown as possible.
  • Clear braces: Clear brackets and wires work together to do the same job of metal braces, without drawing attention to themselves. Sure, people will notice there’s something on your teeth, but your hardware won’t be immediately visible.
  • Clear aligners: Invisalign trays are available for adults and teens and they offer the same benefits and total discretion no matter the age of the patient. Even if you’re wearing attachments on your teeth to make the trays fit better, they are tooth-colored and Invisalign is clear. The work is all done on the down-low.

2. You Can Express Your Personal Style

One of the biggest worries of most adolescent orthodontic patients is that their whole image and style is going to be wrecked by their braces. In fact, you can use your orthodontics to your advantage and curate a whole new version of yourself for as long as your brackets and wires are in place.

Whatever your brackets and wires look like, they are always accompanied by rubber bands. These can be changed regularly, which means their colors and order can be altered to match your mood, the season, or your favorite sports team. Your braces let you express who you are in this moment – and that’s a good thing.

3. Your Teeth Will Be Healthier Because of Your Braces

If you’ve been struggling with a lot of cavities because your teeth are hard to clean, or if you have damage to your teeth because of grinding and clenching your teeth, these are problems that braces can successfully repair. Straight teeth are healthier because it’s easier to get in all the nooks and crannies –all you have to do is be dedicated to taking care of your teeth.

A misaligned jaw is also repaired by braces, which means form and function and feel will all improve. If you have pain, it will go away. If you bite your lips or cheeks when you eat, that problem will stop. Your mouth will simply work better.

4. Braces Are Only Temporary

Braces may not always be fun, and sometimes they can cause a little discomfort, but they are only temporary. Ultimately, they deliver a gorgeous, healthy new smile that you will be proud to show off. Depending on the kind of braces you get, you can wear them for six months to two years – but, either way, they have an expiration date.

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