5 Reasons Invisalign Is Great for Teachers

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Teachers all have one feature in common – a big smile. Whether every teacher is happy with her or his smile varies but, either way, it’s your job to open your mouth, raise your voice, and motivative your students – and it’s easier to do this when you feel good about yourself and the appearance of your teeth. Invisalign can help you get there, in and out of the classroom.

1. Your Students Won’t Care

No one will notice your braces. Okay, if you’re teaching little ones, they might notice, but they won’t judge. They’ll just be their usual vocal selves full of questions and curiosity until they’re satisfied. Tweens and teenagers, though, will barely make eye contact with you, and many of them are dealing with their own braces and Invisalign Teen, so if they do notice the aligners on your teeth they might actually feel some kinship with you. But no one needs to acknowledge the reality.

2. Little Time Off Required

If you say yes to straightening your smile, you can get the journey started before the school year begins. And since you only need to visit your orthodontist for a checkup every six to eight weeks, you won’t need to take a lot of time off or use valuable lesson planning time for orthodontic visits. Invisalign makes everything easier while it does its hard work.

3. You’ll Snack Smarter

You know that midmorning slump or afternoon pick-me-up that you need to get through the day? Then there’s that all-day coffee that keeps you going through every kid’s meltdown, challenge, or tears. With Invisalign, you won’t find yourself noshing on whatever is in front of you just to sustain yourself through the day. The trays must be removed for snacks, so you’ll make better choices about what’s right for your diet, waistline, and mental health, day after day.

4. See Results Quickly

When you teach certain lessons, it might take longer for the kids to catch on. Invisalign, though, gets it right away. This treatment can feel magical because after the first one or two sets of trays, your smile begins to really even out and look better. By the time you meet the parents in mid-fall, your teeth will be amazing.

5. One and Done

By this time next year, your Invisalign treatment will be complete and you’ll have a permanent, straight, gorgeous smile. Average treatment time is one year though some patients might be done within six to nine months depending on the complexity of their misalignment. Because the trays move both tooth roots and crowns at the same time, the work is done quickly and efficiently.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign works for many people, and even if you’ve been told in the past that this is not an option for you, it’s worth getting a second opinion from an experienced and certified Invisalign provider like Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthdontics in Woodinville, WA. Schedule a consultation to find out if this is the school year when your smile will shine.

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