What Color Braces Are Right for You?

braces look soleil orthodontics woodinville waWhen you work with an orthodontist to determine what braces are best for the alignment of your teeth, you’ll discover that you might have several options, including room to decide what kind of aesthetics you prefer. Here are some factors to consider as you envision what you want your teeth and smile to look like during a year or two of orthodontic treatment.

The Bold Look

Metal braces are the traditional version of orthodontia. They’re what most people think of when they think about braces. They’re the version that earns the nicknames of brace face and metal mouth. But metal braces are still around because they work and work well and, for some people, they’re just the right look.

What many orthodontic patients love is the opportunity to accessorize their brackets and wires with colorful rubber bands. They might not be able to change their mind about how their braces for kids look once they’re in place but from month to month they can alter their color scheme to suit their personality, a holiday, or whatever color they’re feeling during that orthodontic appointment.

The Minimalist Look

If you must have braces with brackets and wires, it’s certainly nice to know that you aren’t only stuck with obvious metal braces. For those who crave a minimalist look, there are clear or ceramic braces which keep your orthodontic treatment subtle and difficult to notice right away. There are some things to consider with this option though.

Ceramic brackets tend to be more costly than traditional metal braces and stain more easily. Durability is also an issue, which means they may take longer to correct your bite. The clear or tooth-colored brackets are attached to your teeth and even the wires and rubber bands are clear or enamel-colored too, making this an incredibly discreet option, even as braces for adults.

The Secret Look

For anyone who wants a straight smile but doesn’t want brackets and wires of any sort, whether they’re clear or metal or otherwise, there is Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment using removable aligners but many people are – Invisalign can correct just about every misalignment that conventional braces can.

The Invisalign aligners are thin, smooth, and clear and latch onto the teeth snugly to move teeth a few at a time until they are all in complete alignment. The entire treatment is discreet because of how the trays are constructed. The only thing that might make Invisalign slightly more visible are attachments. These composite bumps are placed strategically on different teeth to make the aligners move the teeth even more effectively.

Get Your Customized Orthodontics in Woodinville

Every orthodontic treatment begins with a consultation with your Woodinville, WA, orthodontist. Digital images are taken, an exam is given, and there is a serious discussion about what treatment is best for your teeth, what look you want for your smile, and how all these factors can work together.

If you are interested in getting braces or it’s time for your teen to see an orthodontist, schedule a consultation with Dr. Soleil and her team at Soleil Orthodontics.

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