5 Reasons Invisalign Teen Boosts Self-Esteem

Invisalign Teen self-esteem Soleil Orthodontics

Parents and kids approach orthodontics in different ways, with the former considering the big picture and the latter experiencing the overall daily angst of wearing braces. Orthodontics make a huge impact on teenage self-esteem, and investing in the nearly invisible Invisalign Teen can help tweens and teens embrace their braces journey and feel good about themselves from start to finish.

Make the Orthodontic Journey Easier with Invisalign Teen

The teen years are not easy and once you’re a parent it can be difficult to remember the difficulty of that space in time. But there are things you can do to ease your teenager’s already fraught social existence among their peers – one of them is to invest in Invisalign Teen.

Even teens with great friends and a supportive family can struggle with self-esteem. When braces enter the picture, opting for Invisalign Teen makes the transition to orthodontic patient easier. Here are just some of the reasons Invisalign can boost your teenager’s self-esteem.

  1. Clear aligners: Conventional metal braces are everywhere in middle schools. But your teen would undoubtedly be delighted to be in the minority of “metal mouths” and, if they must get braces, wear Invisalign Teen which no one can see and which will not alter their smile or appearance.
  2. Comfortable: No one wants to be poked by small wires without any warning. Braces-wearers sometimes experience this, but Invisalign Teen wearers never will. The aligners are smooth and thin, fit snugly against the teeth, and never jab the lips, cheeks, or gums.
  3. Quick changes: After just a few short weeks, your teen’s teeth will begin to noticeably straighten out. It’s easy to see this progress with clear aligners and any teen who is embarrassed by crooked, gapped, or twisted teeth will feel confident about smiling, even with their braces in place.
  4. Increase in smiles: Smiling makes a person look and feel confident. This kind of body language is powerful with other people and for your teen. Teens’ self-esteem is often tied to their appearance and more beautiful smiles, thanks to Invisalign, will build confidence.
  5. No food restrictions: Being able to eat whatever they want whenever they want is a big deal for teenagers. Invisalign Teen pops right out so teens can enjoy their favorite foods with their friends without feeling left out.

Is Invisalign Teen Right for Your Child?

Invisalign Teen is not right for every tween or teen, but it’s always worth it to ask your orthodontist if they qualify for this treatment. Should their misalignment be such that conventional braces are necessary, there are still some incognito options that minimize dental hardware. Clear braces and white braces are two options that straighten smiles without drawing much attention to themselves.

Parents think about cost, time investment, whether their kids can handle the responsibility of Invisalign. Teens think about how they’re going to look with braces, the foods they won’t be allowed to eat, and whether they’ll get made fun of. Eliminate any potential social problems for your teenager by finding out from Soleil Orthodontics if they are a good candidate for Invisalign Teen. Schedule a consultation today.

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