5 Surprising Things People Notice When Braces Come Off

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Every teen with braces keeps their eye on the prize – braces-free teeth forever once this journey is over. However, you have had brackets and wires for so long you’ll forget what it feels like to not wear braces. Just like the adjustment period you had when all that metal first went on your teeth, it could take a few weeks to adjust to life without all that extra stuff in your mouth. There are some things that happen when the braces come off that might be unexpected. Not bad, just… aftereffects that never crossed your mind. We’re sure you can handle it.

1. Eating Feels Weird

You have made plenty of accommodations over the months so you can eat without damaging your braces. Now, you don’t have any limitations and all the foods you miss are back in rotation. No more food restrictions and all the sugar-free gum and popcorn you want. You might be surprised how strange it feels to eat certain items you’ve avoided for so long, like biting into an apple. Teens with braces may even discover that some of their tastes have changed.

2. There Are Calluses Inside Your Lips

When your brackets are off, you’ll notice your smooth, straight teeth immediately. You’ll also notice calluses on the inside of your lips. These developed quickly to protect the sensitive tissues of your mouth when your braces were new. With brackets there, patients don’t feel the calluses until orthodontics are off. Have no fear – they will disappear within a few months.

3. Teeth Might Be Tender

Your orthodontist will need to use some force to get your braces off and remove the glue from tooth enamel. These efforts won’t hurt, but the activity can leave your teeth and gums tender. Don’t fear the procedure – the aftereffects are similar to a normal eight-week adjustment and fade quickly.

4. Expect Enamel Discoloration

No matter how diligent you have been about brushing and flossing, braces don’t make it easy to keep a white smile. Talk to your orthodontist about what you can do to manage this discoloration or any calcification spots. They may suggest a teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, a good at-home oral hygiene routine, or other cosmetic enhancements.

5. You Look Great

You’ve been looking at yourself in the mirror for a long time with those brackets and wires in place. Even being able to see how your teeth have shifted underneath all that hardware, it’s different to have teeth that are free and clear. That beautiful smile completely changes a person – you’ll look older, healthier, smarter, and be so proud of your teeth you’ll smile more and make yourself (and others) happier.

Get Braces in Woodinville, WA

Patience is necessary for orthodontic patients. Some people are fortunate enough to have braces for only a year or 18 months. Other teens have more complex cases and sport hardware for two to four years. Wherever you fall in this category, braces come off eventually and that will be a beautiful day. There will be a follow-up appointment to check and make sure the retainer is working properly, and some teens need additional orthodontic treatment to achieve a straight smile. Get all the details through a consultation with Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA.

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