5 Reasons Your Teen Is Lucky to Be Getting Braces

teen braces soleil orthodontics luckyIf you didn’t have braces as a teen, you may be determined to get your child the orthodontic treatment you never had. Talking to your moody tween or teen about this endeavor, however, can be difficult. Allow us to remind you of the top reasons why your kid is lucky to have braces, so you have your reasoning at the ready and let them know how charmed they really are.

1. They Will Have Healthier Teeth

The idea of healthier teeth may not mean much to a kid who still slacks on proper teeth brushing and flossing, but do your best to paint the picture. When teeth are straight, they are easier to clean, which means there is less chance for food and bacteria to get stuck in hard-to-reach places, which means a lower likelihood of developing cavities or infections.

2. They’ll Look Better

This may be the clincher for self-conscious adolescents. They don’t want wonky, crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth. They want to look like everyone else – and, in many cases, that means sporting a “metal mouth.” Ultimately, though, whether they wear conventional metal braces or qualify for Invisalign Teen, they will look like the best version of themselves with straight, flawless teeth. That’s a confidence boost if there ever was one.

3. They Have Options

Many teens wear conventional brackets and wires, but many also qualify for Invisalign Teen, which is thrilling to the tween or teen who’s looking at a year or two of orthodontic treatment and wants to keep it on the down-low as much as possible. It’s just nice for a kid who still may not be able to make as many choices as he or she wants, to be able to discuss the benefits of both types of treatment and determine which one will work best.

4. They Can Express Themselves

Some teenagers are resigned to having to wear braces, but then they perk up when they realize that, even though they’re stuck with these wires and hardware, they can accessorize and show their personality. Rubber bands are changed regularly, and teens can pick them based on their favorite colors, sports teams, holidays, or otherwise. It’s a nice way to have some say in what’s going on with their mouth and their appearance.

5. Braces Are Better Than Ever

Several decades ago, there was basically only one type of braces – big, metal, obvious ones. Now, teens can enjoy the benefits of a treatment like Invisalign, which can be done in half the time of regular braces. But those traditional braces aren’t so bad either because they are much smaller and less obtrusive than ever. They also come in clear or ceramic options so they’re far less noticeable.

Get Braces for a Teen Near Me in Woodinville, WA

Dr. Soleil Roberts at Soleil Orthodontics specializes in improving your teen’s teeth (and grownups’ teeth too, if you want it). Your tween or teen will be in good hands at our orthodontic practice in Woodinville, WA. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation and consultation about the best type of orthodontics for your teen, or anyone else in your family.

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