Springs and Things: Early Braces That Minimize Treatment Time

springs and things early bracesYour orthodontist is always on the lookout for ways to minimize treatment time and improve results. For many patients, especially the youngest patients, this involves efficient appliances that work independently or along with braces. The goal of your orthodontist’s choice to use springs and things and early braces is to carefully and specifically employ appliances that enhance aesthetics, compliance, and the speed of treatment.

The Comprehensive Early Appliance

All kids have a lot going on in their mouths. Teeth are loose, falling out, erupting – it’s busy in there and, for some kids, it’s a mess. But it’s all completely fixable.

Even though kids have complicated dental activity happening and their own chaos is mirrored in their friends, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel self-conscious about their appearance. Your orthodontist is aware of this reality and ready to help minimize unwanted aesthetics.

For example, the Herbst Appliance is particularly geared toward issues like a prominent overbite. It is intended for growing patients and is an effective tool that encourages the development of the lower jaw.

  • Delivers constant, gentle pressure consistently because the appliance cannot be removed outside of the orthodontist’s office.
  • The patient is not responsible for monitoring how long they wear the appliance because it is constantly in place.
  • Through the very small telescoping arms of the appliance, the jaws are encouraged to grow into proper alignment.
  • Fits compactly inside the cheeks with no visible signs that the appliance is in place.
  • Results are immediately visible because the appliance positions the lower jaw forward instantly.
  • Growth and development changes take nine to 12 months total, and the Herbst can be used before or alongside braces.

Correcting Bite and Making Space

The Carriere Distalizer Appliance is used before braces or Invisalign for about three to six months to correct the bite before the teeth are straightened. For those who worry about visibility of springs and things, the Carriere Distalizer is hidden pretty well on the sides of the mouth and is difficult to see. This early braces effort, when it works properly, can save patients a few months of wearing braces at the beginning of their treatment, thereby shortening the overall treatment time.

For kids with a narrow upper jaw and crowded teeth, a palatal expander widens the upper jaw and creates room. This common appliance helps match upper and lower teeth and allows permanent teeth to erupt safely. The closer a tooth is to its proper position, the less orthodontic intervention will be necessary to fix it.

The Benefit of Early Braces

Early braces are an excellent part of orthodontic treatment. For kids who have particularly crowded mouths, narrow mouths, overbites, underbites, thumb sucking habits, and more, addressing these issues sooner rather than later with springs and things will make orthodontic treatment as a tween and teen that much faster and easier.

If your child is age 8 and you have not seen an orthodontist yet, schedule a consultation with Dr. Soleil at Soleil Orthodontics in Woodinville, WA, to find out what’s in their future so they can achieve an amazing, straight smile.

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