Be Thankful for Tools That Make Wearing Braces Easier

thankful for braces soleil orthodonticsBraces are common but the maintenance of them and the reality of living with them every day can pose challenges from time to time. The following tools make wearing braces and Invisalign much easier so the patient can maintain a clean mouth and be as comfortable as possible during their entire treatment. Dare we say, they might actually enjoy the process?

Threader Dental Floss

How do you floss your teeth when you have braces? Believe it or not, it can still be done. Threader dental floss, also known as a floss threader, is a long strand of dental floss that has a threader at one end – a thicker, weightier section that allows you to easily drop the floss behind the wires of your braces. From there, the flossing concept is as usual – hold the string taut and move it up and around your teeth and into the gums to clear away plaque and food particles.

Water Pik

One of the greatest inventions to come along for braces-wearers, the water pik is a must-have for anyone under orthodontic care, whether you have an expander, braces, or Invisalign. This device allows the user to direct a strong spray of water directly at their teeth and gums to remove accumulated debris between the teeth, gums, braces, and below the gumline. The pressure of the spray can be increased or decreased based on comfort level, but one thing is for certain – this device keeps teeth clean.

Orthodontic Wax

The brackets of conventional braces can be uncomfortable for many people. The shape and location of the brackets often rub against the lips and cheeks and cause irritation. A small ball of orthodontic wax applied to the offending bracket delivers immediate relief and comfort, creating a simple barrier between the hardware and the soft tissues of the mouth. Orthodontic wax can be worn overnight and even for a day or two. Change it out when the discomfort subsides or the wax becomes discolored or food gets stuck to it.

Interdental Brush

It’s good to have orthodontic supplies on the go. After all, you can’t take your water flosser with you everywhere. An interdental brush is a small device that fits in and around the braces to reach the difficult places for a thorough cleaning no matter where you are. This brush is tiny and convenient and easy to carry around with you. Each brush comes with its own cap so it can be used several times before needing to be discarded.

Invisalign Removal Tool

For patients who have Invisalign instead of conventional braces, there are tools that simplify the removal of your trays. Those aligners are designed to fit very snugly against the teeth – sometimes, you need a little help removing them. The tools are sanitary and have a “hook” on them to easily pop out the aligners, but it’s necessary to discuss this option with your orthodontist to see if it’s right for your Invisalign treatment.

Orthodontic Support from Your Woodinville Orthodontist

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