Why an Orthodontic Consultation Is So Important

orthodontic consultation soleil orthodonticsYour child’s dentist recommends that it’s time to see an orthodontist. They’re 7. This may sound silly. You may be thinking, “But they’re only just starting to brush their teeth without my help!” Or you may think, “A second-grader with braces?” It happens, and for good reason. That first orthodontic consultation will tell you plenty of things you don’t know – and set your child up for a lifetime of beautiful teeth.

It’s Time

Your child’s dentist keeps a close eye on the growth of their teeth and jaw at every dental check-up and cleaning. You’ve likely already had discussions about seeing an orthodontist and when that might be necessary, but it can still be a shock to the system when you get the recommendation. Even though the thought (and cost) of braces may make you a little wary, find the Woodinville orthodontist that feels right to you.

You are doing your child an incredibly favor by going to this orthodontic consultation and finding out if they need an expander, braces, or other treatment earlier than you may have anticipated.

Your Orthodontist will Reveal Secrets

You may look at your child and think that they can’t possibly need braces yet. Look at all that space between their little teeth! Don’t be fooled by what you see – it’s what you can’t see that could cause problems with your kid’s alignment and bite.

When you take your child for their initial orthodontic evaluation, digital panoramic x-rays will be taken. The orthodontist needs to see what’s happening within the gums. You might be surprised to discover that those not-yet-erupted adult teeth are jammed together with nowhere to move or may be twisted and turned in undesirable directions.

Orthodontists know circumstances like this can be overcome, and the sooner the better. Every orthodontic case is not simple, but the earlier that severe overjet or open bite or crowding is addressed with braces for kids, the better your child’s teeth will erupt and – ideally – the less intense orthodontic treatment they’ll need as teenagers. 

You Will Get the Full Scoop

As your orthodontist examines your child’s mouth and reviews their panoramic x-rays with you, they will explain what they see, what’s problematic, what’s just fine the way it is, and make a diagnosis about whether interceptive orthodontics are necessary. For example, three weeks with an expander and nine months with braces on the front teeth may sound like a bit much to some parents – and especially to their kids – but rest assured that your orthodontist only recommends treatment if it will be beneficial to the patient. And this brief orthodontic treatment sets your child up for smile success in the future.

Through it all, your orthodontist and her team will keep you focused on what’s really important – helping your child grow into a strong, healthy, beautiful smile. Is it time? Schedule an orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Soleil and her team at Soleil Orthodontics to find out what’s right for your child’s oral health.

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