6 Reasons to Choose an Orthodontist for Your Invisalign Treatment

see woodinville orthodontist for invisalign bracesInvisalign is available from orthodontists, cosmetic dentists, and general dentists. These professionals must all be certified in the treatment to provide it. However, there are good reasons it’s recommended that you see an orthodontist for your Invisalign treatment – and we’re not just saying this because we’re orthodontists!

1. Education

Orthodontists move teeth. That’s the job. That’s what we are trained to do. After dental school, orthodontists receive advanced training in the art and science of moving teeth and treating jaw abnormalities. Our everyday job is to straighten teeth and perfect smiles.

It makes sense, then, that if you want to shift your teeth into alignment, address TMJ issues, or correct your bite, that you would want to consult a person who is specially trained in the craft. All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentist are orthodontists.

2. Experience

As with any medical procedure you undergo, you want to rely on the professional who has the most experience in delivering good treatment and quality results. Orthodontists work with Invisalign all the time and see dozens of Invisalign cases every week – there is no opportunity for the skills to get rusty. Plus, orthodontists simply know how to move teeth, whether they’re using Invisalign or another method.

3. Precision

Orthodontists can see from the start whether Invisalign will really work for a patient or not, or whether a different type of orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct alignment concerns. Some people simply are not good candidates for Invisalign and would be better served with clear braces or metal braces. That might not be what you want, but the goal should be to achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile in the best way possible.

4. Options

There are various types of Invisalign to consider, which a general or cosmetic dentist may not offer or have experience with, including Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Express, and Invisalign First.

5. Aesthetics

Patients may be most interested in how their teeth look – and orthodontists are too – but we are most concerned about spacing, jaw alignment, a strong bite, and long-term good oral health. Cosmetic dentists often include Invisalign as part of their menu of services because it does beautify teeth, but if you’re in search of true alignment, an orthodontist will deliver.

6. Technology

Orthodontists have the latest technology and equipment at their fingertips to straighten teeth, whatever the method. Patients sit for quick 3D impressions using a digital scanner. Orthodontists build accurate computer models of teeth and jaws to design the most precise Invisalign treatment plan for you.

You will have the latest and most effective treatment options presented to you when you consult with an orthodontist, which also means you’ll get the most efficient treatment plan too. You’ll save time, money, and effort.

Get a Beautiful, Healthy Smile from Your Woodinville Orthodontist

Orthodontists deliver long-lasting results for amazing, straight smiles and healthy teeth and jaws. At Soleil Orthodontics, we want to see you smile and give you teeth you are confident to show off. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out whether Invisalign is the right alignment method for you or your child.

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