4 Worries Kids Have About Getting Teen Braces

teen braces worries woodinville orthodontist soleilTeens have a lot going on in their world. They may have their heads down and hands always on their devices, but there is still room for independent thought. They’re often worried about whether they’re feeling, acting, or doing the right things, or if there is something wrong with them. You can understand then, of course, that adding braces to the mix can make teens feel even more self-conscious and self-doubting.

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4 Reasons Summertime Is the Best Time to Get Braces for Teens

braces for teens woodinville washington orthodontistAnytime is a good time to get braces, but the summer months are particularly convenient when it comes to getting braces for teens. Summer offers plenty of time to get in the groove of being an orthodontic patient so, once the next school year begins, your teen will be a pro at managing their braces, whether traditional metal brackets and wires or Invisalign Teen.

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Does My Kid Need Interceptive Orthodontics?

interceptive orthodontics early braces woodinville orthodontistNo kid wants to start wearing braces earlier than necessary, but sometimes early braces for kids – known as interceptive orthodontics – help a child avoid lengthier orthodontic treatment in the future. There are plenty of appliances and mechanisms that are used to improve the alignment of a kid’s teeth now and for the future. It’s up to your Woodinville orthodontist to determine what’s best for your child’s unique dental health.

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Teens and Invisalign: A Great Combination

Teens and Invisalign Woodinville Washington Invisalign Teen providerInvisalign isn’t just for adults. Teens have proven to be a responsible, motivated group of dental patients. Young people know they’ve dodged a teenage rite of passage when they qualify for Invisalign Teen and don’t have to wear metal braces. Parents, of course, will have concerns about such a major investment. Time to find out why teens and Invisalign are a stellar combination.

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7 Foods to Avoid If You Have Braces

foods to avoid when you're wearing braces soleil orthodonticsNo one wants to be prevented from eating their favorite foods. Braces-wearers – kids, teens, or adults – however, have rules to follow, especially when it comes to chewy, sticky, or hard foods. Modern braces are strong and durable, but they are still vulnerable to damage. Anything that tugs at your wires or brackets or is easily stuck can wreak havoc on your orthodontic work, damaging your braces, threatening your teeth, and requiring a trip to your Woodinville orthodontist.

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Does Your Little Kid Need Braces?

The beginning of an adolescent’s orthodontic treatment is carefully timed, usually once a child has lost all their baby teeth and permanent teeth are well on their way into position. However, it’s often easy to see by the way your little kid’s teeth are erupting that they will probably need some orthodontic intervention along the way. For some kids, this kind of treatment begins early.

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4 Alignment Problems That Can Be Fixed by Invisalign Braces

alignment problems

For many people, Invisalign seems too good to be true. Could these nearly invisible braces really fix my alignment problem? Could it be this easy to straighten my teeth as an adult? Yes, and yes. Invisalign braces can fix nearly every alignment problem – for adults and adolescents – that can be corrected with traditional metal braces.

If you have any of the following alignment problems, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign braces. Your Woodinville orthodontist will let you know for sure.

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